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We are currently inviting travellers to submit their claims under the Singapore COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020. 
To qualify, travellers must:
    Have made a valid booking for international travel between 1 February 2020 - 24 March 2020.
    Either the destination or departure point for the travel was Singapore, involved a hotel stay in Singapore or involved a Singapore law governed travel booking.
    The traveller did not complete the booked itinerary and has been denied a refund or other reasonable compensation.
Please share this site with your friends or colleagues who fall into this category to help increase our negotiating power to achieve fairer settlements for all our users.
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Why Apply Here - FAQ's

Does fair treatment mean receving a rebooking voucher? - sometimes, but not always
Why must we act now? - travel companies are changing shape and customers are in danger of losing out
Am I eligible to make a claim?  - if your travel booking was impacted by COVID-19 or your travel insurance provider refused a claim on your policy, then, almost certainly
Does it cost me anything? - no just a moment of your time and your help to share this site with your contacts. A fair administration cost will be deducted from any final refund or other agreed compensation
Can I just claim myself? - yes but you may not be successful.  No matter how dedicated you are, only strength in numbers can maximise the chances of success
Why do I need to join you?  - the full benefits of any change of policy will only come to our users, because our users represent a strong focus group and we give travel providers insights into how they can give our users preferential treatment
Please submit details of your claim by clicking here.
Tell us your experience


    John and Anne, 2 retirees, were due to travel from the UK to Singapore on 5 February 2020 for the holiday of a lifetime.  Concerned with Covid-19's spread in Asia and the risk it posed to older people, they cancelled their trip.  They were unable reclaim any of their booking fees from the airline or their hotel in Singapore and lost GBP 2,000.
Using this site, John and Anne could make a claim to specify that they would like their booking reinstated in 6 months' time or would be willing to receive a partial refund of up to GBP 1,500 (75%) of their original booking.  This site would approach John and Anne's airline and hotel on their behalf.  Because the site would aggregate other claims against the airline and hotel  with other travellers willing to seek a fair settlement, the airline and hotel may be more willing to reach a compromise.
    Sally's company is based in the U.S. and was due to participate in the Singapore Air Show between 11-16 February 2020.  Her company lost USD 20,000 for canceled flights, hotel accommodation and conference space. Her company would be willing to participate in the 2021 Singapore Air Show, but she is concerned that airlines, hotel and conference provider may become insolvent.
This site would aggregate claims from other similarly situated participants in the Singapore Air Show. To address solvency concerns, we would try to negotiate with the relevant travel providers ring-fence a portion of this cash, which would then be offset against Sally's company's expenses for attending the 2021 Singapore Air Show.
   Jian Wei lives in Singapore and booked a cruise due to depart on 1st March 2020 to go whale-watching in Greenland. He would have flown to the U.S. to board the ship but based on the Singapore Government's travel advice, he decided not to take the trip and was told that since the boat set sail, he was not entitled to any refund.
The site would aggregate claims against the airline and cruise operator to try to obtain a rebooking in 2021 or 2022 and without requiring him to bear any extra up-front cost.
   COVID-19 brings economic hardship to everyone. But this is no reason for travel companies to withhold customer refunds.
We are taking on travel industry providers and challenging them to ensure that they are treating customers fairly.