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foto-creatif  is more than just a web site company
- as a subsidiary division of Petton Holdings, which encompasses the diversified business activities of Roger Davies,
it has the full resources of his more than 30 years consultancy experience and offers a multiplicity of skills needed to advise both large and small companies alike.
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Roger Davies
After 3 years as a Management Trainee in Papermaking, Roger decided on a new career path; becoming a Television Cameraman, working for both BBC and Granada TV. Becoming bored due to a dearth of drama production in commercial TV, he  changed direction to go into Interior Design and furniture retail both for home and office interiors – resulting in a specialism in office working methodologies utilising system office from world proponents, Herman Miller and Steelcase.
After selling up, and a period as an Entrepreneurial  Immigrant in Vancouver, Roger returned to the UK to begin a new business of Grants Consultancy and there followed a long career as MD of GRA Ltd, working with worldwide companies in Manufacturing Industry to help secure substantial government grant aid for their capital investments in the UK
The ending of the Tory-led coalition government in the UK, sadly led to the ending of capital grant availability and a period of semi-retirement followed for Roger - but whilst retaining a developing web design business interest.
The present Covid-19 pandemic and lock down has now led to a rebirth of Roger's business instincts, resulting in this web design and business consultancy re-birth, and with it the launch of an associated Art Shop project which aims to sell limited edition prints of some of Roger’s best photographic Art Works over the years

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