Assisted Areas



The ASSISTED AREAS of Great Britain are based upon a map drawn up and agreed with the European Commission. The latest map has now been formally approved by the European Commission will run from 1st July 2014 until 31st December 2020.

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State Aid Map 2014-20

Assisted Areas are those areas where regional aid can be offered to undertakings, typically businesses, under Commission state aid rules. In Scotlan the main examples of schemes which include offering regional aid are:

  • Regional Selective Assistance - primary Scottish scheme offering regional aid. Can provide funding for investment projects that will create or safeguard jobs in Scotland. Administered by Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise 

Regional aid can be given to SMEs in ‘a’ and ‘c’ areas and to large companies in ‘a’ areas for investment in: a new establishment; expansion or diversification of existing establishments; or for fundamental changes in the processes carried out at an establishment.