Grants for Innovation known previously as formerly SMART CYMRU were also part of the now defunct Single Investment Fund scheme.

See Other Funding for details of Innovation grants.

GRAND (previously known as SMART) awards (now renamed GRAND in England) range from £5,000 for a Technology Study, and can go up to £200,000 for Small and Medium-sized firms (fewer than 250 employees) who contemplate undertaking development projects. A small number of exceptional high-cost projects may attract grants of up to £500,000.

EUROPEAN Innovation Grants
Additionally, funding for innovation may be provided within the many European schemes to encourage collaborative research. (See Europe for fuller details).

The basis of most EU grant funding for R&D is through the encouragement of collaborative partnerships with other EU firms or academic organisations, the EU funding information sites are also excellent places to find such partners.

In order to assist SMEs get help securing EU funds, the Small Business Service (SBS) has published a new guide on 1st July 2002 to help UK SMEs tap into European Union funding programmes.

The handbook, called 'Access to EU funding', describes the types of loans and grants available in Europe, and indicates which offers small firms should apply for. The guide is tailored to small companies in a range of industries, so that firms can identify the deals most relevant to them.

The categories include, rural businesses, research and development, and information technology. The guide can be acquired by calling 0870 150 2500.

The discretionary nature of the grant regimes and strict criteria by which eligibility is determined suggest that you should speak first with GRA or other professionals rather than to the grant authority or other government body to avoid giving information prematurely which could then prejudice your potential case when final application submissions are reviewed during the appraisal process.

GRA is unable however to comment on the 'innovative' strength of any potential application - since this is clearly a matter of individual opinion by the experts in the pertinent technology sector who might be consulted by the Small Business Service panel who will decide the fate of any grant scheme application.