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Every day at the Petton Clay Court Academy is different. This is vital to ensure that Students have sufficient variety in their training regime in order to remain adaptable to the changes to conditions that they will encounter on the professional tour.  Since the Academy is specifically tailored to developing under 13s, whole body movement and technique, physical conditioning, and exercises designed to promote good competitive attitude and discipline always feature predominantly in the training regime.  

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PTF Clay Court Academy is a purpose-built private training environment to take talented 8 to 13 year old junior tennis players and equip them with lasting skills and the education that they need in order to make it on the world stage. Academy Students do not waste time stuck in traffic getting to training venues.  At this crucial time in their education and tennis development, their time is maximised to ensure that they are given the best possible conditions for their future.

The Academy also knows that these young athletes need to have a sensible amount of rest time, to allow their bodies to recover and give them time to socialise with other children.  The Academy is a serious and professional training environment, but Students enjoy the programme – as it is essential that they have fun whilst playing and competing.

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Weekend activities are centred around tennis, with both individual and group lessons and matchplay opportunities.  On public holidays, time is scheduled for Students to visit home or receive visits from their Parents. Weekly tennis reports are developed for each of the Students and objectives for the coming week discussed with the Director of Tennis - and reminded to enjoy and have fun.

A typical day at PTF Clay Academy


Parents have access to their child’s reports and have the opportunity to discuss the progress their child is making at regular intervals.  Students are encouraged to speak with their parents over Skype.

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